What Our Clients have to say...

"The Billing team absolutely loves working with you.  We really enjoy having you on our team."  

Dawn Wade-Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein

"I couldn't be more pleased with the quality & accuracy of your work & your responsiveness.  You have made my life so much easier. I cannot believe I suffered so long.  I'm so pleased that we are working together!" Nancy Olah - Ft. Mill, SC

"I am most impressed with your ability to work with the many diverse personalities of staff, lawyers and clients and develop rapport in a short period of time.  Your cheerful, professional attitude and diligent effort have made a difficult task come together beautifully." Dale Hower, Former CFO of Parker Poe Adams Bernstein

"You have the patience of JOB!"

Kenneth Edmonds-West Covina, CA

"We look for projects to hand over to Kyo to lighten the load for our full time staff.  They provide quality, prompt, and friendly service at a fair price."  Kathy Gorton, Sunbelt Rentals - Fort Mill, SC

"You are a class act!!! Thank you very much for your help."

Julio C. Buenano-Cooper City, FL

"Thank you so much for responding in such a timely manner.  It seems that most companies/people today just don't understand the meaning of good business."           

Billy Clausen-Rocky Point, NY

"Once again you made it easy.  What would we do without you, you're the best."  

Richard Pearson-N. Bergen, NJ




Q: What is a Virtual Assistant?                                         

A: A Virtual Assistant, or a VA, provides professional support to help you reach your goals.  A Kyo VA works for you from their own office regardless of your office location.  You don't have to own a business to utilize a VA.  We can help anyone in need of a little relief.  Visit our services page to see how we can help.

Q: Why hire a Virtual Business Assistant?                                                                        

A: Convenience & cost effectiveness. Kyo provides extra assistance for heavy workloads to free up your valuable time so you can do what you do best by focusing on growing and improving your business, knowledge and relationships.    Use us only when you need us - for one time projects or ongoing support.

Q: What's the difference between a temp, an employee and a VA?                                 

A: Temps are just that, temporary.  With a VA, there are no long term contracts, headhunter or recruiting costs.  Unlike an employee there is no vacation pay, sick pay, taxes, medical benefits, 401K, etc.  You pay only for the time it takes to complete your project.

Q: My business is specialized. Are you trainable?                                                           

A: Yes, although extensive training is not usually necessary, we will train via phone/internet, or will travel.

Q: How is the work transferred?                                                                                   

A: Correspondence is typically delivered via email, mail or a courier service.

Q: Do VAs work full or part time?                                                                                  

A: Kyo is a full time business which works with your business part time to complete periodic projects or an ongoing project.  Ongoing projects usually require a retainer to keep your costs low.

Q: Do you work weekends?                                                                                           

A: Our office is open Mon-Fri.  We will work weekends for onsite event support.  Additional fees apply.

Q: How do you bill?                                                                                                         

A: Kyo will email an invoice upon the completion of each job, weekly for jobs that require more than 5 days, or bi-monthly for retainer services.  All services are billed as labor and do not require you to pay sales or employee taxes.  Any expenses we incur on your behalf are billed without markup and are outlined on your invoice with purchase receipts.  Mileage is billed using the current government rate.

Q: How can I contact you?                                                                                              

A: Please email us at Info@KyoVBA.com or call our office at 704-916-9278.