What Our Clients have to say...

"The Billing team absolutely loves working with you.  We really enjoy having you on our team."  

Dawn Wade-Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein

"I couldn't be more pleased with the quality & accuracy of your work & your responsiveness.  You have made my life so much easier. I cannot believe I suffered so long.  I'm so pleased that we are working together!" Nancy Olah - Ft. Mill, SC

"I am most impressed with your ability to work with the many diverse personalities of staff, lawyers and clients and develop rapport in a short period of time.  Your cheerful, professional attitude and diligent effort have made a difficult task come together beautifully." Dale Hower, Former CFO of Parker Poe Adams Bernstein

"You have the patience of JOB!"

Kenneth Edmonds-West Covina, CA

"We look for projects to hand over to Kyo to lighten the load for our full time staff.  They provide quality, prompt, and friendly service at a fair price."  Kathy Gorton, Sunbelt Rentals - Fort Mill, SC

"You are a class act!!! Thank you very much for your help."

Julio C. Buenano-Cooper City, FL

"Thank you so much for responding in such a timely manner.  It seems that most companies/people today just don't understand the meaning of good business."           

Billy Clausen-Rocky Point, NY

"Once again you made it easy.  What would we do without you, you're the best."  

Richard Pearson-N. Bergen, NJ



Are you running your business, or is it running you? 

If you're tired of wasting your time and not seeing the fruits of your labor, you can benefit from a Virtual Business Assistant.

Kyo (pronounced "key-o") is a virtual business founded to serve small businesses in need of administrative, creative or professional services. Our clients range from large corporations to at-home business owners. We offer quality, customized relief at competitive rates whether you're a stay at home mom or a CEO. No matter who you are, we provide the same attention to detail for all of our customers.  Outsourcing your workload to Kyo will increase your productivity so you can watch your business grow.

Not all of us are salesmen, bookkeepers, marketers, etc.   So, we hire people to handle these aspects of our business.  Just like your accountant, a virtual assistant can quickly become an essential and valuable support to your business.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is my business struggling because I don't have help?

2.  Am I unwilling to ask for help because I think I can do it better?

3.  Could  I have more free time with my family if I had part-time help?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us to see how we can get your business back on track.